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[There's a slight grumble to her voice as the journal turns on and catches Stella with her back to the book. She's in the item shop, looking for something that might have shown up. When she turns her head to look elsewhere and sighs, one can see that her hair is not in its usual bun, but is pulled back in a braid. There are no ornaments in her hair, either... But there's a very good reason for that.

Once Stella glances at the journal and realizes that it's gone, she takes the opportunity to address the public.]

Has anyone seen a red hair ornament? Maybe in the item shop, or perhaps in the trees?

[She touches her hair self-consciously; that ornament was a gift for her coming of age ceremony... She'd hate to lose it for good, especially in the circumstances in which it was lost.]

A bird stole it from me. If you've seen either the ornament or the bird, could you leave me a message about it? It's very important to me...

[With that, she tucks an imaginary lock of hair behind her ear before she takes the journal and... doesn't quite close it, but holds it by the spine and with her fingers between the pages. If anyone does find it for her, she'd like to know as soon as possible.]
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[It's a nice, hot day. Stella has the window to her kitchen open as she works on something just for the sake of doing it. For you see, she's creating quite a delicious pie. A cherry pie, to be exact. She's worked hard on it, and the smell flows gently through the air as she sets it on the window sill for it to cool a little.

What she doesn't realize is that someone's already caught the scent. As soon as she walks out of the room to check up on a sleeping Sophie, Amaterasu leans her front paws on the sill and stares down at the pie, mouth open in what looks like a big grin. It might not be cherry cake, but dammit, it is close enough and Ammy hasn't had anything that tasty in quite a while. Plus, Issun is not with her 24/7 to tell her to stop, so why not?

By the time Stella gets back to check her pie, she realizes... that it isn't there anymore. She pauses, wondering if she put it in the refrigerator and merely forgot about it... Until she sees little crumbs left behind from when the edge of the pie brushed against the window, as well as bits of white fur. It's hot, and Ammy has been shedding to compensate for it.

... Man. Not that Stella doesn't enjoy cooking, but now it feels like part of the day has been wasted. Well... she at least hopes whoever took it is enjoying it, and she gathers up the crumbs and the hairs as she opens her journal and turns on the voice/video option, holding up the evidence with a rather exasperated voice and expression.]

Be careful, everyone. It looks like we have a dessert thief on the loose.

[Too bad Ammy doesn't carry a journal, eh? ]

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[Stella didn't feel particularly different when she woke up. There was something that was slightly off, sure, but it wasn't anything to take note of. Perhaps it was just the melancholy feeling that came with knowing that Fenimore was still gone... She'll have to think on it later, along with searching for her lost friend in case she returns.

It was when she sat herself in front of the mirror to work on her hair that she saw how different she looked, and it was enough to make her stand with her hands over her mouth. Brown hair. Green eyes. Tanned skin...

Stella wasn't a Ferines anymore. She was human.

How long had she dreamed of something like this? Years, she knew that for sure. It's hard to tell whether she feels happy or frightened by this... Maybe both. This has to be an experiment... So she knows that it won't last for long.

It's about an hour later that Stella opens her journal to address the village.]

I suppose this is an odd question to ask... How many of you have welcomed this sudden change?

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Forget regret; or life is yours to miss


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Though... judging by the excitement, it seems it isn't over yet!

Tell me, have there been any successful confessions of love? Or maybe you've received some kind of treat? What was the best gift you've received this Valentine's Day, or even ones before that?

[Filtered to Asch // 80%]

I think you're due for another hair appointment, Asch. Or would you rather schedule for another day?

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To those who fought in the war...

Thank you, and welcome back. I'm afraid words aren't enough to say how thankful all of us are to see everyone safe after fighting for our sake. If you've lost someone on the battlefield... I'm deeply sorry. They fought bravely, and I know they'll return to us soon...

[Words really aren't enough. Stella purses her lips, then continues on.] Please, spend this time to rest. I can only imagine how weary you are.

[Stella gets up from her desk and wanders to the window, and something has been nagging at her so much that she's forgotten about the still open journal. The window open, oblivious to the cold, for she's much more interested in that certain feeling in the air. Not just the smell, but... That pull, that familiar and inviting tug at every part of her being. There's no mistaking it, but Luceti doesn't have an ocean... right?]


I feel the sea.

[She looks back at her journal and... realizes that it's still on. She lets out a small sigh, but that's all right. She was planning on using it once more, anyway. So, Stella steps over to the journal and sets up a hasty little filters.]

[Filtered to Cloud; 50% Unhackable]

I'm going to be gone for a few days. Maybe more. Try not to worry!

[Filtered to Shirley and Fenimore; 50% Unhackable]

Both of you feel it, too... right? I think we should find where it's coming from...

[It'd be easy for them to find, since they're practically like a compass for oceans. But first, Stella has something very important to do.

If she knows you, even vaguely, and you've been to the war, prepare for her to knock on your door to welcome you home properly. She feels that they need more than just a "welcome back" after such an event.]


[Stella had walked through the village and realized that there were a lot more children than there originally were, and that most of them would probably be scared of such a new world without their parents - or whoever's looking after them. So, she set to work to give them one good thing about this world that most children are fond of: cookies!

But as she finished them, she suddenly got hit with the experiment, and she found herself stumbling backwards with a startled yell as her body suddenly changed. It took her some time to get over the fact that she was now a he, but this change made her-him remember past events where he'd end up like this...

He ended up considering this a curse before he got right back to work.

So, now Stella can be found outside of House 34 with a table set up and several plates of cookies for the chilluns. Once everything is set up and Stella is satisfied, he opens up the journal he carried with him to let everyone know about the treat.]

Would any of the children around here like any cookies?

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It worked like... this, right? Ah, yes-

Hello! My name is Stella, and I arrived here in Luceti a couple of weeks ago. I was here once, some time ago... But I'm afraid I only remember very little from then. If you knew me, and I don't remember you, I... well, I suppose all I can say is "I'm sorry". And I'd like to get to know you all over again, if you wouldn't mind.

If you do know me, I'd love to see and hear from you again! If you don't, then I'd love to meet you! Friends are a wonderful thing to have in a place like this, after all.

Hmm, now that that's out of the way... What sort of winter games does everyone like the play? What's your favorite past time during weather like this? Do you enjoy going outside and playing in the snow, or would you rather stay inside in front of a fire with a nice cup of cocoa? I admit, it's... been a very long time since I've seen snow.

[She pauses, rubs the back of her neck, then asks the next part in a slightly different tone.]

Has anyone ever... run into anything unexpected in Luceti? I think that's what I'm trying to say...
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[At the lake's edge, one will find a journal lying open on the ground, blank and new, waiting for its owner to find it and fill it with messages and memories to look back on. It'll have to wait for a while, so those looking might see nothing but blue sky and hear the river as if it's right nearby.

After half an hour of no writing and no words of panic, a young woman rises out of the water and takes in a deep gasp, not for air, but because it's such a shock and so different than what she's accustomed herself to. But it looks like she can't support herself, or she can't swim, because she sinks as soon as she broke above the water.

Soon enough, though, she comes up again, this time drifting forward to throw her arms up onto the shore and rest the upper part of her body against the ground, her lower half still floating in the water. She breathes deep, shivers and fists her hands into the grass and dirt below her. She looks exhausted and pale, almost as if she had just risen from the dead.

It takes several moments of just gasping for air and regaining her senses before she wearily lifts her head up and stares at the village before her, blinking hard to try and rid herself of the blurriness in her vision. Upon seeing the book just a foot in front of her, she stares as if uncomprehending, and then reaches out and grasps the pages, nearly tearing a few away, and she gasps again as realization hits her.]

Lu... ss-ceti...?