August 14th, 2011

:|, Dotting at you


[There's a slight grumble to her voice as the journal turns on and catches Stella with her back to the book. She's in the item shop, looking for something that might have shown up. When she turns her head to look elsewhere and sighs, one can see that her hair is not in its usual bun, but is pulled back in a braid. There are no ornaments in her hair, either... But there's a very good reason for that.

Once Stella glances at the journal and realizes that it's gone, she takes the opportunity to address the public.]

Has anyone seen a red hair ornament? Maybe in the item shop, or perhaps in the trees?

[She touches her hair self-consciously; that ornament was a gift for her coming of age ceremony... She'd hate to lose it for good, especially in the circumstances in which it was lost.]

A bird stole it from me. If you've seen either the ornament or the bird, could you leave me a message about it? It's very important to me...

[With that, she tucks an imaginary lock of hair behind her ear before she takes the journal and... doesn't quite close it, but holds it by the spine and with her fingers between the pages. If anyone does find it for her, she'd like to know as soon as possible.]