Stella (Telmes) (goldenfirefly) wrote,
Stella (Telmes)

["Accidental" Voice]

[The journal clicks on to Stella's face, only for her to move back and out of the camera's range with a giggle, showing the ceiling instead. There are some soft footsteps, and then her voice, along with her sister's.]

Oh, add little bows on the end, Shirley.

That's a great idea, Stella. Hm... What do you think of these? They'll go so nicely with his eyes...

Blue? I would have suggested pink, but your idea sounds so much better.

[The two of them giggle together before Shirley speaks again.]

Pink isn't really Senel's color...


[There's a long pause, broken only by more giggling. Then, with a rather forced "Oops", the journal is knocked upright, which makes it show the horror of what the girls have done.

Senel has his head back against the sofa, fast asleep. One might notice the baby girl, Sophie, standing on his legs and laughing over the sight before her. It looks as if Senel's walked into a nightmarish barber shop, for his hair is not only permed, with ~luscious~ spiky curls falling everywhere, but a lot of the spikes end in carefully made braids tied off with little blue bows.

Shirley is off to one side, giggling into her hands, while Stella taps a pair of scissors against her chin.]

I wonder if anyone else in Luceti would like a haircut...

[Said with a pointed look at her journal. Right after that, there's a knock on her door.]

Oh! Our first customer. Would you get that, Shirley?

Yes, Stella!

[[ooc: And don't be fooled by the knock at the end: This post is open to everyone. Who wants a haircut? B)]]
Tags: the sisters strike again!, troll in the village, troll sisters
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