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[Those who look up will find Stella at the very top of the highest tree in Luceti, where she ties a flag onto it that looks suspiciously like one of Senel's Alliance Marine outfits. She smiles over her accomplishment! But then she sighs. Now that she's proven that she could climb the highest tree, she has nothing else left to do, and her recklessness hasn't left yet.

And that's when she looks around and catches sight of the mountains. Well... If she's already climbed the highest tree, surely she can do so to the highest mountain! So, she takes her journal from the sash around her and opens it up to speak, although with the way the wind is blowing, it keeps sounding a bit warped.]

People of Luceti! Lend me your ears!

I've already proven that I can climb the tallest trees! I can run along the steepest rooftops! I can even jump from one to the other! But this, my friends... This is not enough!

I invite all of you to witness a death-defying stunt that will truly punctuate my career! For on this day, I will climb the tallest mountain!

[And she points to one of the mountains!]

And I'll do it with nothing but my bare hands!

[And she sets the journal on a branch to hold up her fists! Buuut with how the wind is blowing, the journal ends up being pushed out of the branch, and it starts to fall towards the ground. Stella stares, then shouts so that people might still hear her.]

Meet me at the mountains if you wish to see this daring-

[THUMP! The journal hits the ground and turns off. But Stella simply shakes her head and starts to climb down. SOMEONE STOP HER BEFORE SHE RUSHES TO THE MOUNTAINS OH GOD]
Tags: !event, housewife to daredevil, i have conquered this tree, i will conquer that mountain, no stella no, please don't quit your day job, putting cloud's training to the test, raided senel's clothes, that mountain is mine, treeeee, watch out for that tree, what are you doing
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