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[The snow is falling, but Stella doesn't see this as a reason to stay inside, and neither does Sophie. So, mother and daughter are outside and in front of their house, playing a game that Stella recently constructed. It's a large piece of cardboard with a big hole cut out in the middle, and around it are bright and vibrant colors. A few feet away is Sophie with some handmade beanbags - socks filled with rice, and she holds one as Stella kneels behind the cardboard, holding her hands out through the hole.]

All right, Sophie! Throw it right here!

[And Sophie does! Stella has to lean forward a bit to catch the beanbag, but she once she does, she laughs softly and sets it to the side, intending on gathering them as Sophie throws them and returning them to her. Now, for the next one! Stella encourages Sophie and holds out her hands again, ready to move in case it doesn't quite make it...

Except as Sophie throws the beanbag forward, her nails flash a light blue color. That light causes Stella to stare for a second, and that's all it takes. The beanbag flies forward and nails her right in the forehead, knocking Stella off of her knees and making her fall hard on her back.

Sophie claps her hands and laughs, finding this incredibly amusing. Stella, meanwhile, winces and holds her forehead as she stares up at the sky. She's mostly shocked, although her wings are stinging from that fall. Did she really just get pelted by her own daughter?]
Tags: fail family, ffff i'm weak, iron erens suck, kodak moment, lost all confidence as a female, my own daughter is stronger than me, pains of being a mom, play time, sophie, you're the mom now senel
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