Stella (Telmes) (goldenfirefly) wrote,
Stella (Telmes)


[This past week has been an emotional mess for Stella, and she's pretty sure she knows the reason why. Her relationship with Cloud has reached awkward levels, her relationship with Senel has taken several steps back... and yet she's starting to think about the latter more and more lately. This makes for one tangled web, and Stella's taking Fenimore's advice and trying to sort it out as best as she can in the best place.

She's by the lakeside with warm flannel pajamas and a long white coat over that. While it was gracious of Fenimore and Shirley to let her stay in their house with Sophie, she found that she couldn't sleep well. Not in that new bed, not with such a complicated situation going on. She couldn't be bothered to dress properly. Hidden by her coat is the crown of flowers she made during the celebration by the fountain. Although it's starting to dry out a little, it's still quite cute, and it's helping Stella focus. Finally, once she feels ready enough, she writes in her journal.]

[Filtered to Senel | 80% Unhackable]

Senel? Could you meet me by the lakeside? I'd like to talk with you... if you don't mind.

[Although she's waiting for him, having company to talk to would be wonderful, too.]
Tags: !event, bachelor #1 or bachelor #2, but i'm married, love event, tales of legendia: the soap opera, the talk, water solves everything
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