Stella (Telmes) (goldenfirefly) wrote,
Stella (Telmes)


[Today is that special day... And Senel still hasn't returned. Stella doesn't want to dwell too much on that, and instead, she busies herself by baking cookies. Since she's been working for most of the day... She's ended up with way too many cookies for the household.

So, she's placed about eight cookies in a little bag, and she's now walking around the village with a large basket of them hanging on her arm. With every house she stops by, she drops off the bag of cookies by the door. She doesn't knock or anything, just leaves the cookies there for someone to spot when they open the door. Inside the bags are different kinds of them, too: Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, oatmeal, gingerbread, chocolate with almonds, cinnamon, and for the kids, chocolate with marshmallows. The bag is tied with white and gold ribbons - just a very subtle hint on who they're from. She even visits the community housing and places some bags in the kitchens. It's a way of celebrating... but also to get her mind off of other thoughts.

Feel free to find them! But beware. A certain hungry wolf might have been following the scent of the cookies...]
Tags: anniversary, cookies for all, legendia characters love baking, no ammy no
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