Stella (Telmes) (goldenfirefly) wrote,
Stella (Telmes)


[At the lake's edge, one will find a journal lying open on the ground, blank and new, waiting for its owner to find it and fill it with messages and memories to look back on. It'll have to wait for a while, so those looking might see nothing but blue sky and hear the river as if it's right nearby.

After half an hour of no writing and no words of panic, a young woman rises out of the water and takes in a deep gasp, not for air, but because it's such a shock and so different than what she's accustomed herself to. But it looks like she can't support herself, or she can't swim, because she sinks as soon as she broke above the water.

Soon enough, though, she comes up again, this time drifting forward to throw her arms up onto the shore and rest the upper part of her body against the ground, her lower half still floating in the water. She breathes deep, shivers and fists her hands into the grass and dirt below her. She looks exhausted and pale, almost as if she had just risen from the dead.

It takes several moments of just gasping for air and regaining her senses before she wearily lifts her head up and stares at the village before her, blinking hard to try and rid herself of the blurriness in her vision. Upon seeing the book just a foot in front of her, she stares as if uncomprehending, and then reaches out and grasps the pages, nearly tearing a few away, and she gasps again as realization hits her.]

Lu... ss-ceti...?
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