Stella (Telmes) (goldenfirefly) wrote,
Stella (Telmes)


It worked like... this, right? Ah, yes-

Hello! My name is Stella, and I arrived here in Luceti a couple of weeks ago. I was here once, some time ago... But I'm afraid I only remember very little from then. If you knew me, and I don't remember you, I... well, I suppose all I can say is "I'm sorry". And I'd like to get to know you all over again, if you wouldn't mind.

If you do know me, I'd love to see and hear from you again! If you don't, then I'd love to meet you! Friends are a wonderful thing to have in a place like this, after all.

Hmm, now that that's out of the way... What sort of winter games does everyone like the play? What's your favorite past time during weather like this? Do you enjoy going outside and playing in the snow, or would you rather stay inside in front of a fire with a nice cup of cocoa? I admit, it's... been a very long time since I've seen snow.

[She pauses, rubs the back of her neck, then asks the next part in a slightly different tone.]

Has anyone ever... run into anything unexpected in Luceti? I think that's what I'm trying to say...
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