Stella (Telmes) (goldenfirefly) wrote,
Stella (Telmes)


[Stella had walked through the village and realized that there were a lot more children than there originally were, and that most of them would probably be scared of such a new world without their parents - or whoever's looking after them. So, she set to work to give them one good thing about this world that most children are fond of: cookies!

But as she finished them, she suddenly got hit with the experiment, and she found herself stumbling backwards with a startled yell as her body suddenly changed. It took her some time to get over the fact that she was now a he, but this change made her-him remember past events where he'd end up like this...

He ended up considering this a curse before he got right back to work.

So, now Stella can be found outside of House 34 with a table set up and several plates of cookies for the chilluns. Once everything is set up and Stella is satisfied, he opens up the journal he carried with him to let everyone know about the treat.]

Would any of the children around here like any cookies?

[[ooc: All replies will be made with goldenfirebird. o/ And yes most of those are Tamaki icons let's just pretend they look eerily similar]]
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