Stella (Telmes) (goldenfirefly) wrote,
Stella (Telmes)


To those who fought in the war...

Thank you, and welcome back. I'm afraid words aren't enough to say how thankful all of us are to see everyone safe after fighting for our sake. If you've lost someone on the battlefield... I'm deeply sorry. They fought bravely, and I know they'll return to us soon...

[Words really aren't enough. Stella purses her lips, then continues on.] Please, spend this time to rest. I can only imagine how weary you are.

[Stella gets up from her desk and wanders to the window, and something has been nagging at her so much that she's forgotten about the still open journal. The window open, oblivious to the cold, for she's much more interested in that certain feeling in the air. Not just the smell, but... That pull, that familiar and inviting tug at every part of her being. There's no mistaking it, but Luceti doesn't have an ocean... right?]


I feel the sea.

[She looks back at her journal and... realizes that it's still on. She lets out a small sigh, but that's all right. She was planning on using it once more, anyway. So, Stella steps over to the journal and sets up a hasty little filters.]

[Filtered to Cloud; 50% Unhackable]

I'm going to be gone for a few days. Maybe more. Try not to worry!

[Filtered to Shirley and Fenimore; 50% Unhackable]

Both of you feel it, too... right? I think we should find where it's coming from...

[It'd be easy for them to find, since they're practically like a compass for oceans. But first, Stella has something very important to do.

If she knows you, even vaguely, and you've been to the war, prepare for her to knock on your door to welcome you home properly. She feels that they need more than just a "welcome back" after such an event.]
Tags: cloud, fenimore, oceannnnnngh, shirley, welcome the heroes home
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