Stella (Telmes) (goldenfirefly) wrote,
Stella (Telmes)


[Stella didn't feel particularly different when she woke up. There was something that was slightly off, sure, but it wasn't anything to take note of. Perhaps it was just the melancholy feeling that came with knowing that Fenimore was still gone... She'll have to think on it later, along with searching for her lost friend in case she returns.

It was when she sat herself in front of the mirror to work on her hair that she saw how different she looked, and it was enough to make her stand with her hands over her mouth. Brown hair. Green eyes. Tanned skin...

Stella wasn't a Ferines anymore. She was human.

How long had she dreamed of something like this? Years, she knew that for sure. It's hard to tell whether she feels happy or frightened by this... Maybe both. This has to be an experiment... So she knows that it won't last for long.

It's about an hour later that Stella opens her journal to address the village.]

I suppose this is an odd question to ask... How many of you have welcomed this sudden change?

[[ooc: Replies will come from ofthatworld!]]
Tags: event: species change, part of your wooorld, whoa nelly
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