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[It's a nice, hot day. Stella has the window to her kitchen open as she works on something just for the sake of doing it. For you see, she's creating quite a delicious pie. A cherry pie, to be exact. She's worked hard on it, and the smell flows gently through the air as she sets it on the window sill for it to cool a little.

What she doesn't realize is that someone's already caught the scent. As soon as she walks out of the room to check up on a sleeping Sophie, Amaterasu leans her front paws on the sill and stares down at the pie, mouth open in what looks like a big grin. It might not be cherry cake, but dammit, it is close enough and Ammy hasn't had anything that tasty in quite a while. Plus, Issun is not with her 24/7 to tell her to stop, so why not?

By the time Stella gets back to check her pie, she realizes... that it isn't there anymore. She pauses, wondering if she put it in the refrigerator and merely forgot about it... Until she sees little crumbs left behind from when the edge of the pie brushed against the window, as well as bits of white fur. It's hot, and Ammy has been shedding to compensate for it.

... Man. Not that Stella doesn't enjoy cooking, but now it feels like part of the day has been wasted. Well... she at least hopes whoever took it is enjoying it, and she gathers up the crumbs and the hairs as she opens her journal and turns on the voice/video option, holding up the evidence with a rather exasperated voice and expression.]

Be careful, everyone. It looks like we have a dessert thief on the loose.

[Too bad Ammy doesn't carry a journal, eh? ]

[[Combined post, and unaffected by the experiment so far! Both Stella and Ammy are available for threading - for the record, Ammy is by someone else's house, pigging out on delicious pie. IS IT YOUR HOUSE?]]
Tags: gdit, had to ruin the delicious pie, no ammy no, the pie is a lie
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