[Stella's message is lacking the usual loopy cursive handwriting that she'd usually write with so much flourish. Instead, it seems rigid, and the letters are shaky at the end.]

He's gone.

[That's all. She shuts her journal after that, and she won't respond unless someone came to her house wishing to talk.]


[Today is that special day... And Senel still hasn't returned. Stella doesn't want to dwell too much on that, and instead, she busies herself by baking cookies. Since she's been working for most of the day... She's ended up with way too many cookies for the household.

So, she's placed about eight cookies in a little bag, and she's now walking around the village with a large basket of them hanging on her arm. With every house she stops by, she drops off the bag of cookies by the door. She doesn't knock or anything, just leaves the cookies there for someone to spot when they open the door. Inside the bags are different kinds of them, too: Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, oatmeal, gingerbread, chocolate with almonds, cinnamon, and for the kids, chocolate with marshmallows. The bag is tied with white and gold ribbons - just a very subtle hint on who they're from. She even visits the community housing and places some bags in the kitchens. It's a way of celebrating... but also to get her mind off of other thoughts.

Feel free to find them! But beware. A certain hungry wolf might have been following the scent of the cookies...]


[This past week has been an emotional mess for Stella, and she's pretty sure she knows the reason why. Her relationship with Cloud has reached awkward levels, her relationship with Senel has taken several steps back... and yet she's starting to think about the latter more and more lately. This makes for one tangled web, and Stella's taking Fenimore's advice and trying to sort it out as best as she can in the best place.

She's by the lakeside with warm flannel pajamas and a long white coat over that. While it was gracious of Fenimore and Shirley to let her stay in their house with Sophie, she found that she couldn't sleep well. Not in that new bed, not with such a complicated situation going on. She couldn't be bothered to dress properly. Hidden by her coat is the crown of flowers she made during the celebration by the fountain. Although it's starting to dry out a little, it's still quite cute, and it's helping Stella focus. Finally, once she feels ready enough, she writes in her journal.]

[Filtered to Senel | 80% Unhackable]

Senel? Could you meet me by the lakeside? I'd like to talk with you... if you don't mind.

[Although she's waiting for him, having company to talk to would be wonderful, too.]
Troll sisters


[There's a wonderful smell coming from the Coolidge house. Stella's spent her morning baking a delicious cake for a very special occasion (and shooing away housemates who'd try to sneak a taste). Although the windows are closed thanks to the season, the smell should eventually sneak out of the house to make its presence known. Specifically, Stella's making this. Outside of the house and on one of the chairs on the porch is tied a soft pink balloon, which sways gently in the wind. That's the only hint she's giving as to what she's making this cake for.

Well. That, and what she writes once she's ready.]

Shirley? Would you like to come over for some time? There's something I need to show you.
Dot dot dot


[The snow is falling, but Stella doesn't see this as a reason to stay inside, and neither does Sophie. So, mother and daughter are outside and in front of their house, playing a game that Stella recently constructed. It's a large piece of cardboard with a big hole cut out in the middle, and around it are bright and vibrant colors. A few feet away is Sophie with some handmade beanbags - socks filled with rice, and she holds one as Stella kneels behind the cardboard, holding her hands out through the hole.]

All right, Sophie! Throw it right here!

[And Sophie does! Stella has to lean forward a bit to catch the beanbag, but she once she does, she laughs softly and sets it to the side, intending on gathering them as Sophie throws them and returning them to her. Now, for the next one! Stella encourages Sophie and holds out her hands again, ready to move in case it doesn't quite make it...

Except as Sophie throws the beanbag forward, her nails flash a light blue color. That light causes Stella to stare for a second, and that's all it takes. The beanbag flies forward and nails her right in the forehead, knocking Stella off of her knees and making her fall hard on her back.

Sophie claps her hands and laughs, finding this incredibly amusing. Stella, meanwhile, winces and holds her forehead as she stares up at the sky. She's mostly shocked, although her wings are stinging from that fall. Did she really just get pelted by her own daughter?]


[Those who look up will find Stella at the very top of the highest tree in Luceti, where she ties a flag onto it that looks suspiciously like one of Senel's Alliance Marine outfits. She smiles over her accomplishment! But then she sighs. Now that she's proven that she could climb the highest tree, she has nothing else left to do, and her recklessness hasn't left yet.

And that's when she looks around and catches sight of the mountains. Well... If she's already climbed the highest tree, surely she can do so to the highest mountain! So, she takes her journal from the sash around her and opens it up to speak, although with the way the wind is blowing, it keeps sounding a bit warped.]

People of Luceti! Lend me your ears!

I've already proven that I can climb the tallest trees! I can run along the steepest rooftops! I can even jump from one to the other! But this, my friends... This is not enough!

I invite all of you to witness a death-defying stunt that will truly punctuate my career! For on this day, I will climb the tallest mountain!

[And she points to one of the mountains!]

And I'll do it with nothing but my bare hands!

[And she sets the journal on a branch to hold up her fists! Buuut with how the wind is blowing, the journal ends up being pushed out of the branch, and it starts to fall towards the ground. Stella stares, then shouts so that people might still hear her.]

Meet me at the mountains if you wish to see this daring-

[THUMP! The journal hits the ground and turns off. But Stella simply shakes her head and starts to climb down. SOMEONE STOP HER BEFORE SHE RUSHES TO THE MOUNTAINS OH GOD]
Troll sisters

["Accidental" Voice]

[The journal clicks on to Stella's face, only for her to move back and out of the camera's range with a giggle, showing the ceiling instead. There are some soft footsteps, and then her voice, along with her sister's.]

Oh, add little bows on the end, Shirley.

That's a great idea, Stella. Hm... What do you think of these? They'll go so nicely with his eyes...

Blue? I would have suggested pink, but your idea sounds so much better.

[The two of them giggle together before Shirley speaks again.]

Pink isn't really Senel's color...


[There's a long pause, broken only by more giggling. Then, with a rather forced "Oops", the journal is knocked upright, which makes it show the horror of what the girls have done.

Senel has his head back against the sofa, fast asleep. One might notice the baby girl, Sophie, standing on his legs and laughing over the sight before her. It looks as if Senel's walked into a nightmarish barber shop, for his hair is not only permed, with ~luscious~ spiky curls falling everywhere, but a lot of the spikes end in carefully made braids tied off with little blue bows.

Shirley is off to one side, giggling into her hands, while Stella taps a pair of scissors against her chin.]

I wonder if anyone else in Luceti would like a haircut...

[Said with a pointed look at her journal. Right after that, there's a knock on her door.]

Oh! Our first customer. Would you get that, Shirley?

Yes, Stella!

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Pressing family matters


One more day...

To those of you who wish to return home, I wish you the best of luck. I realize there has been some debate over the authenticity of the letters... for your sake, I hope that what it says is true.

I wish you wouldn-

If you-

...Be very careful. Even if you leave without memories of this place... I hope we'll be able to stay within your heart. We'll miss you. Until we meet ag-

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[Out on one of the bridges is Stella. Her legs over the edge of it, and her feet idly sway in the water. For once, her hair is free of the trademark bun, and the chilled wind makes her push some strands away from her face every now and then. Her open journal is beside her, and so it picks up the flow of the water as well as her sigh.]

This place really starts to feel like home... sometimes.

[Although she's usually rather peaceful at times like this, she looks pretty melancholy right now.]