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[Over here, the Ferines sisters have decided to go on a girl's day out. After all, there are just some things that you can't do with boys. And so, Stella and Shirley left a note for Senel and Walter telling them that they'd gone out for the day to enjoy the park, taking Sophie along with them. However, this doesn't mean the boys can't stalk them and fail at remaining out of sight.

Anyway, the girls have made their way over to Lucetimon Zoo. There, they see a wondrous sight! They ooh! They aah! They are in amazement! They can't believe their eyes!]

I can't believe how long its neck is... Oh, look!

[They're staring at an ordinary giraffe. Hey, normal animals don't exist in Melfes. Only super wolves and rabid bears. The girls stare up in awe at the giraffe as it reaches its long neck up to nibble at some hay in a cage, and Sophie chews on the wing of her prize, a miniature peepit doll that Shirley won for her. Who else wants to be amazed by the ordinary animals?!]

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[Once the class is assembled, Stella stands and makes her way to the front. There, she looks at all of the happy couples and their children, mentally counting in her head to see if everyone's keeping up with their eggs. It looks as if at least one egg didn't make it, but Stella doesn't have time to be disappointed about that. People are waiting for her to begin, and so, she does.]

The fragile little egg that you've been charged with is more than just an object to care for until the end of the week. Some of you have realized that, and some of you have not. I see that many of the eggs have names and are even dressed up! That's very good. That means you see the responsibility that you've been given, and you're taking it seriously. Today, I'll tell you the wonders of parenting, and how similar, yet vastly different it is from taking care of an egg.

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[[ooc: People can mingle with each other and talk about how they're doing so far and all that in this post! You can talk to Stella too and react to her speech, although I'm going to be at work for another few hours, thus there won't be a reply 'til then. But I'll get back asap. ♥]]

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[[ooc: This is BACKDATED to a few days after the cook-off.]]

Now that everything is cleaned and everyone's stomachs are full, the results for the cook-off are in!

The winner of the popular vote is... Sheena Fujibayashi with her pineapple curry! Congratulations, Sheena! Your prize is a plate of mini cinnamon rolls created by both Senel and myself. Let us know when you'd like to collect it, and we'll make sure to bake it good and fresh for you!

And now, the judges' results are in...

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The winner is... Senel Coolidge with his giant cinnamon roll! Congratulations, Senel! You're now known as the Grand Chef of Luceti! Your prize is any meal of your choice cooked by me as well as bragging rights and a kiss.

Thank you, everyone, for such a successful feast! ♥

[OOC - The Voting]

OKAY. Finally got it to work, but since I was experimenting with the jerk of a poll on Stella's LJ instead of the ooc comm, I'll just leave it where it is.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the feast post! Of course, you can still backtag on it, but now it's time for the voting to take place!

This poll will be popular vote.  Try not to vote for which character you like the best out of this poll, but which dish you think your character would like the best upon tasting it.  That is, assuming that they were there.

Who deserves the title "Grand Chef"?

Emil's Sweet-and-Sour Beef Stew
Flynn's (rat poison) Salisbury Steak
Labrador's Pink Candy Flowers
Lloyd's Dwarven Potluck Surprise
Makoto's Gyoza
Senel's Giant Cinnamon Roll
Sheena's Pineapple Curry
Souji's Sukiyaki
Tifa's Risotto
Yuri's Curry

Note: If your character is not listed but signed up for the cook-off and made something for it, please comment and include them as a write-in vote, seeing how I'll be at work again and thus can't edit it even if I wanted to.  Be sure to put what they brought to the feast!

And now the scorecard for the judges to fill out!  Judges will score based on presentation and taste, and they'll score either 1 - 10 (one being the lowest, ten being the highest).  If you signed up to be a judge in the contest, please comment here giving your score on all the characters listed in the poll (or write-ins, if there are any and you're willing).  The scorecards don't have to be fancy or anything; just the basic (name: score) will do just fine.  Remember, IT'S UP TO YOU.  CHOOSE WISELY.

Welp!  Let's get to voting!  And again, thank you everyone who showed interest and decided to go to the festival.

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Action - The Feast

[Throughout yesterday and the early afternoon today, Stella kept herself busy setting up for the feast she had proposed to the village. It probably would've been best to give herself three or four days instead of two, but she had set the date, and she'd keep to what she scheduled. A bit of an arduous task, but nothing she couldn't handle. It simply meant that she couldn't participate in the way she wanted to.

In front of the fountain and along the pathway to it were two rows of tables that ran perpendicular to each other. Behind them were chairs and other various cooking supplies, lest the date Stella had set up was too early even for the cooks. On the tables were slips of paper with the names of all of the cooks who had volunteered to be a part of this event, all in alphabetical order, although Stella expected people to move around and sit by people they liked instead of keeping to the order she wrote down. At the end of the tables were other pieces of paper, blank ones, in case she was to receive last minute entries. A simple white tablecloth provided the decoration. There was no need to be fancy with it, especially when it would be so easy to knock something over.

Stella walked along the pathway, making sure that she had written down all of the names and that everything looked neat and straight. With a smile, she nodded to herself and headed to the judges' table. This one was a tad different from all of the other tables. It sat facing the pathway and the contestants' tables and was just an inch bigger off of the ground. Instead of a white tablecloth, Stella chose a blue one, at least to tell the table apart from the other two. Names were set up once again in alphabetical order, and Stella had to shake her head over the fact that this placed Haruki's chair right near the center. She was sure he'd be thrilled over such a development. Next to the names were scorecards for each participant, along with blank ones at the end in case of last minute entires.

After checking over the judges' table, Stella moved to the center of it all and looked over everything once more. Everything looked complete. All that was left were the people who would fill the chairs. Stella couldn't wait for the different aromas to fill the air, for such unique cultures to come together through food.

She stood by the end of one of the contestants' tables, held her clipboard in her arms, and waited for the people to arrive.]

[[OOC: Remember, this is a time where characters can mingle and meet each other, even the New Feathers! The ones who just arrived are welcome to notice this and wonder what's going on. Go ahead, my inbox can take it. People who aren't contestants or judges are free to take a sample of the food as well as ask for a recipe; that's what Stella wants out of this, after all. Contestants and judges are free to leave their table and talk with others – Stella will watch over your food just in case.

Contestants aren't required to act out presenting their dish to the judges. Instead, it can simply be assumed. Again, the main point of this is to mingle and try out different dishes! I'll be at work all day today, but once I get back late at night tomorrow night, I'll set up an OOC post with a poll for popular vote as well as a scorecard for the judges to fill out. If there are any other questions, you can ask here oocly! I won't be able to answer right away, but I will whenever I'm able.]]

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It looks like everyone is starting to return... This is wonderful news! Not only that, but new people are arriving as well. Both Senel and I welcome everyone to the village of Luceti.

To celebrate everyone who fought for our freedom and to give the New Feathers a chance to meet with different people, I propose a feast! Not just any old feast either, but a multi-cultural buffet! What I plan to do is hold the banquet around the fountain area in two days on Thursday the 10th. This should give everyone time to fulfill the best part of this - I'd like for everyone willing to cook to create their favorite dish from their own world and bring it to the designated area. If you wish, you can include the name of the dish as well as the recipe involved. That way, anyone can make it if they'd like to!

As everyone tries the food, I'd like to have taste testers go to each table and try their own sample of all the meals made for the event. Scores will be tallied up, and whoever wins gets to be known as the Grand Chef of Luceti!

If you'd like to cook or be a judge, please leave me a note on which you'd rather do. On the 10th, we'll announce who gets to be a judge, and we'll set up tables for everyone who'd like to enter their dish as part of the competition! But please remember that that isn't the true purpose of this. I wish to let everyone experience a piece of every world, and for the new arrivals to have something to look forward to around here.

Whether you love to cook or if you simply love to eat, I hope you'll be joining us!

Guy Flynn
Arthur Dent

Pressing family matters

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Somehow... I had a feeling it would come to this.

Everyone, please be careful. Prepare yourselves; Train and find yourselves the best weapons, if you use any. Magic users, make sure your abilities are at your best.

We're counting on all of you. I know that there are powerful warriors in this village. I think it's finally time to show them what you're all made of.

We'll be praying for your safe return.


[When the book opens, it looks as if it's flying through the air. There are brief shots of the sky, trees and ground before it rests on the grass. Three voices plus a baby's crying can be heard.]

Stella, Shirley, get out of here!

I can't-AUGH!


Stella- Senel! No!

[Another thump is heard, and then a few dragging noises. Although the three voices of Senel, Stella and Shirley are gone, the baby's crying still remains. Those who check out the scene will find Sophie by herself, crying out for "mama" or "dada".]